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You’ve Got Talent!

July 3, 2012

I was watching an episode of “America’s Got Talent” a couple of weeks ago and heard myself tell my husband “They should call this America Doesn’t Have Talent.” I’m sure many of the acts put on that stage were selected specifically to get that type of reaction out of the audience. But it got me thinking about talents and how important it is that we take the time to discover and build on our talents.

Reality TV aside, I do believe that everyone’s got talent. Our talents are those things that we are naturally good at. When you use your talents, you are happier and more productive. So if we all have talents, why aren’t we using them?

Most people do not maximize their talents because they do not recognize what their talents are. Having the talent is one thing, discovering it is another.

Often when something comes very natural and easy to you, you believe that these things come easy to everyone else as well. Not true. Have you ever had someone say to you:  “Hey, you are really good at that”? Only to respond with, “Really, it’s no big deal”.  That thing you do so well might be your talent.

Or, have you ever found yourself working on a project or a task and being so caught up in it that time just slips by without you even noticing. When you absolutely LOVE doing something – you could be using your talent. When you are using your talent, you feel happy, at ease, secure and comfortable with yourself.

To discover your talent, start by really listening to what people tell you about yourself. It could be your kids, your co-workers, your friends or your siblings. Don’t be afraid to ask them. You also need to listen to your own inner voice. When you finish a task or project and you think – boy that was fun! Or I can’t wait to do that again – then you are using your talent. Keep a list of those things you love doing and how doing those things makes you feel.

As you discover your talent, your goal should be to start using your talent more. Many people may believe they have a special talent, but they may not be in a position where they can use it. Fear often keeps us stuck where we can’t maximize our talents. So, can you use your talents in other ways? I work with some great trainers whose talent is acting. When they can’t use their acting talent on stage, they put it to work in the classroom.

So, what is your talent? Have you discovered it? Are you using it? I’d love to hear from you.

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  1. Regina Gilbert permalink
    July 9, 2012 4:09 pm

    It is ironic that you mention the topic of “You’ve Got Talent”. I recently had the discussion of talent a week ago with a friend of mine. She discovered that her talent was making jewelry. In just a short time she has put her talent to good use by starting to make jewelry and has benefited from doing so personally and financially. She proceeded to tell me that my talents are learning (I love to learn) and teaching/training others. I have been told this for 23 years but I have been trying to run away from this talent all these years. My thoughts were along the lines that I wanted to be more creative and focus my talents in this area. Recently, I have decided to stop running away from teaching/training and use it to help me get started in my passions. So I said all of this to say, I finally have embraced my talent of being able to help others to learn but will also use this talent to try to enhance my creative side!

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