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Lessons from the Road – Thoughts of Change Management Professionals

April 3, 2012

As legal technology professionals you know you can count on change so I won’t bore you with a list of the changes you are facing.  Instead, I will share some great sound bites with from Traveling Coaches CEO and Co-Founder, Gina Buser (@GinaBuser), and the Director of Market Strategies and Consulting Services, Brianna Leung (@BrieLeung), who are at the Association of Change Management Professionals conference in LasVegas and tweeting their takeaways.  I’ve been following along with great interest and my mind is racing with thoughts about how we can do a better job with change management in our law firms.

To help jump-start your own thoughts, here are a few tweets to ponder:

@GinaBuser shared a series of Change Management lessons learned from Lawrence Polsky, Managing Partner at PeopleNRG, a global change consulting firm.   Mr. Polsky shared best practices and combined research from his own study as well as studies from IBM and McKinsey.

  • Never underestimate the amount of work change is going to take
  • Everything is subject to change.
  • You need a big WHY.
  • The odds are against you…so overcompensate.
  • It has more to do with the track record than the volume of change.
  • Confront or die. If you don’t confront, the change will die.

@BrieLeung contributed more wise words from Lawrence Polsky:

  • Combined research from various consultancies show 30-50% of all change efforts meet original business goals.
  • Change is always going to take more time and work than you expect.
  • More people trust influential non-leaders than senior leadership. Something to keep in mind when finding key influencers.

But she also shared some insight by Vicky Jarosz, Owner and EVP of i3Logic, a consulting firm that provides change management consulting along with other services.  Ms. Jarosz presented a Pecha Kucha on the importance of stakeholder alignment to a project.

  • Stakeholder misalignment leads to chaos in change initiatives.
  • Have stakeholders define what the change should look like in their own words and check for alignment.

Look for more wisdom from @GinaBuser and @BrieLeung as the conference rolls into day 2.  You can also keep up with Traveling Coaches on Twitter with @TravelingCoach. Oh yeah, and if you’d like to see some more of what I find interesting, you can find me @TamiSchiller on Twitter. We’d love to have you add to the conversation!

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