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Comparing Documents is a “Windows 7” Snap

January 30, 2012

I’ve been doing a lot of document editing recently and I’d be stressed to the max without Windows 7 Snap. You know–the kind of editing where you need to review notes, emails and other documents at the same time you’re looking at your working document. My old workflow would be to print out all the documents I needed, review, highlight, edit, flip pages, get lost, reorganize pages, edit, mix-up pages again… My old workflow was not exactly efficient and I needed a better way to efficiently edit my documents. Windows 7 Snap has been the right fix for me and the way I work today.

If you’re not familiar with Windows 7 Snap, it’s a feature of the Aero desktop and it allows you to position any two open windows side by side. Simply drag the title bar of the first window to one side of the screen. As soon as the mouse pointer reaches the side of the screen, the window is automatically resized to fill half of the screen. Drag the other window to the opposite side of the screen. Both windows are side by side on the windows desktop. It can be any open window, such as, your email, OneNote or a web page.

I know what you are about to ask. And yes, you can still use Snap with dual monitors and extended displays. Instead of using click and drag which will simply move your window to the other monitor screen, you’ll use keyboard shortcuts. Press the Windows key + Right Arrow or Left Arrow.

If you are using Windows 7 and not taking advantage of Snap – you should start.  If you are getting ready to roll out Windows 7, Snap is one of those new features that users love when it is demonstrated in focus groups. The complexity of the document collaboration process has made it necessary for onscreen comparisons routine. Snap can at least make the windows staging process smoother.

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