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Greetings from LegalTech NYC

February 1, 2011

Someone referred to us as the legal technology community Fab Four. It was Donna, Sherry and Jeffrey along with yours truly (do we even need last names?), speaking at the Microsoft Super Session on Office 2010 Deployment and User Adoption strategies.

Here are some highlights from the User Adoption discussion:

Based on the information we have gathered over the last 10 months, we can assume:

  • Most firms will jump from Office 2003 to Office 2010
  • Windows 7 will be the operating system of choice
  • Classroom durations will be shorter than ever
  • Many of your users (aka lawyers) will not participate in training classes at all

Our Predictions:

  • Many of your users will have Office 2010 at home
  • Lawyers will be impacted more than ever because of the dramatic changes to Outlook
  • Expert users will need time to find features in the Ribbon UI
  • Casual users will discover and use more functionality with the Ribbon UI

Trainers – Get involved!

  • Don’t wait for “final image”
  • Engage in the project early
  • Use skills to help project team

Before Classroom Moment:

  • Get support from executive sponsor
  • Determine what success looks like and establish goals for user adoption
  • Work with focus groups and pilot groups to identify key learning needs and user benefits
  • Build attention grabbing advertisements, testimonials and commercials to promote the new technology and create enthusiasm
  • Conduct Briefings to explain business drivers and communicate project plans
  • Hold Roadshows or WOW! Sessions to educate and inform
  • Assign pre-learning activities targeted for specific learning plans and learner needs

During Classroom Time:

  • Focus training on what is different
  • Script your training messages to overcome Learned Failure (I tried it before and it didn’t work so I won’t try it again) and Inertia (my secretary does all my computer work)
  • Deliver effective training classes that are designed to make learning stick
  • Get a commitment from learners to continue to learn

After Classroom – where the real learning starts:

  • Deliver immediate and extensive floor support with targeted objectives
  • Provide additional learning opportunities that will fit your learners’ needs (one-on-one coaching, e-learning for retention, self-paced learning guides)
  • Track issues and learning success
  • Coach lawyers on process and work flow
  • Communicate and celebrate success!

“The best learning happens in real life with real problems and real people and not in classrooms.”  – Charles Handy

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