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Streaming Know-How

November 24, 2010

Depending on which news article or blog you’ve read recently there appears to be a growing trend of people canceling their cable or satellite service in favor of streaming their favorite tv shows or movies over the internet using services such as Netflix or Hulu. Want to watch the latest episode of Modern Family? Just click play. Need to re-watch an episode (or several) of Lost to get caught up? It’s all right there in your queue. This makes even your Tivo or DVR more of a hassle than you need. Why work to fit your schedule around “scheduled” programming when it just seems so natural for it to be there when you want it, where you want it and on the devices you want to view it on? Mobility is the name of the game in today’s media hungry world.

Raise your hand if you learn best in the morning. OK, now those of you who prefer to learn later in the afternoon or evening raise your hand. Who wants to learn at home vs. the office? Heck, who wants to learn while commuting on the train or bus to the office?

Just as there are more and more ways to get the television programs you want, when and where you want them, the same holds true for learning. We all know eLearning has been around a few years now in many varieties. Only recently have we seen advancements in the technologies of content creation, delivery and ease of access converge to make eLearning truly mobile. Smart phones, tablet computers and eReaders are more available and capable of bringing the learning experience to you than just a few short years ago.

The right mobile learning provides users with the content they need at a time and place that best fits their schedules while meeting training requirements. I’ve found I learn best when I can access the know-how I need at the very moment I need it. The ability to utilize the information I’m presented in a real-world situation enables me to retain information longer.

So, that presents the question…is there mobile learning available for everyday things like where I put my keys and what I had for breakfast this morning?

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