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If Training Were Like Marching Band…

October 5, 2010

I’ve always cried at hearing the song Seventy-Six Trombones because it inspires me. As the song sings about each of the different instruments and the beauty they bring to the marching band, it symbolizes the importance of each individual and what can be accomplished together. I’ve had at least one kid in marching band for the past 15 years. They’ve marched in the rain, cold and extreme heat.  The hours spent on memorizing music and learning the marching show is both mentally and physically demanding. Their dedication, enthusiasm and drive are inspirational.

What if training were like marching band…[enter dream sequence]

  1. Users would show up for training every morning at 7:00 am…actually they’d come 15 minutes early and be in their seats ready to start at 7:00 am.
  2. They would come fully prepared with everything they needed to be successful.
  3. They would give the trainer their complete attention (standing at attention would be awkward).
  4. Users would be fully engaged in the training session, trying their best to learn each step and following the instructions of the trainer.
  5. They would be sad to miss training because they were going to miss learning something new and risk dragging down the team.
  6. Users would practice what they learned outside of class and commit it to memory.
  7. They would drill over and over again on the same part until they got it perfect.
  8. Once the users learned the steps, the trainer would take it to the next level and teach them “visuals” that would enhance their performance.
  9. Near the end of a two-hour training session, when the trainer tells them to run through everything from the top, the users would cheer with enthusiasm to get everyone pumped up.
  10. At the end of training, prior to being dismissed, the class would shout in unison, “Our firm is number one! Sir!” (okay, we can drop the Sir).

Part of That Wylie Band’s  pre-game show is the spelling of the school’s motto and leading the crowd in the “AHMO” cheer. AHMO is a colorful battle cry used by Wylie High School that represents what they plan on doing to the opposing team, as in “AHMO going to…” 

How about a little training AHMO?

  • AHMO going to practice what I just learned!
  • AHMO going to follow best practices!
  • AHMO going to attend training!
  • AHMO going to embrace change!

And maybe, just maybe, one day your users can shout out together, “Our firm is number one!”

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