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The Road (to Vegas) Less Traveled

August 20, 2010

One of my favorite books, The Road Less Traveled, reminded me to take the higher ground and be charitable in my thoughts as my teammates prepare for their departure to the ILTA Conference in Las Vegas next week.  Having worthy obligations preventing me from attending this year, I still sympathize with Cinderella’s plight as she watched her step-sisters climb into that coach and leave for the Royal Ball.  [Sigh]  But enough of that!   I can still attend the ILTA-ball at home through ILTA TV!

This will be my first opportunity to experience ILTA TV, and I’m excited!  For two hours each day, they’re going to be broadcasting live from the Conference interviews with industry experts and peers in the legal community.  Then at the end of the day, they’ll give an executive summary of the key topic for that day.  Click here for a schedule of events. I’m carving out a little time to tune in and get connected.

Check back for daily video blogs from ILTA 2010 in Las Vegas by our TC team. Keep up with all the ILTA 2010 TC Happenings next week by connecting with us on Facebook and Twitter!

We know our 2010 got CLASS? t-shirt is going to be a hit with ILTA attendees again this year!  Don’t worry, you don’t have to attend ILTA to get a t-shirt.  Send us your t-shirt size and address and we will mail one to you!

 Like Carol Burnett, if you get in front of the camera, wiggle your ear to let us non-attendees know you’re thinking of us!

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