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Team 2010

July 7, 2010

It’s midnight and I hear the screams … Edward! Jacob! Yes, I’m at the midnight showing of Eclipse with a thousand screaming teenage girls (and mothers). Any Twitard (a person so obsessed with the Twilight saga that they’re out of their mind) has a strong opinion regarding the “Team Edward” and “Team Jacob” debate. As I sat there waiting for the movie to start, it made me ponder about Office 2010 and what made it better than Office 2007. (I had two hours to kill and was surrounded by tweens … what else was I going to do?)

So I put aside the needs of lawyers and legal secretaries and thought about my needs as a trainer, curriculum developer, and learning consultant. I’ve seen my share of Office versions come and go over the past…[clear my throat]…16 years, and while I’ve always been an Office fan, Office 2010 has made me a cheerleader. Finally! Tools that make a difference in MY workflow!

Here’s my Top 12 list of why I’m “Team 2010 and W7” and how these features rock my training and curriculum world:

#12 Windows 7 Recent Files and Jump Lists. I work in a lot of remote environments, review eLearning, follow multiple blogs, access a variety of websites, and struggle to recall where Themes and QuickStyles are stored in 2010. Recent Files and Jump Lists allow me to get where I need to be quickly.

 #11 Windows 7 Shortcut Keys. By pressing Windows+[number] I can launch any application displayed on the taskbar (based on the order they appear, going from left to right) without leaving my presentation or having to use Alt+Tab, allowing for a smoother presentation.

#10 Windows Search. With over 250 courses, I can’t always recall which Quick Reference Card has the information I need. Now I can select a folder, type a search term and locate the content in seconds.

#9 Outlook Conversation View. Like everyone, I juggle multiple projects. The Conversation view keeps me updated on the latest status of an email thread. Once ended, I can delete the entire conversation which helps me keep my Inbox clean.

#8 Outlook People Pane. The People Pane brings a little social networking directly to my desktop through integration with Linkedin. This helps me stay in contact with clients and colleagues. It also serves as a mini-filter providing quick access to emails, attachments and meetings between myself and that person.

#7 Outlook Contact Card. Displayed when I hover over a contact’s name in the Reading Pane, is the contact’s picture, email address, and phone number for a faster response.

#6 Outlook Quick Steps. With Quick Steps I’m able to perform multiple tasks on an email with the click of a single button. Such as mark an email as being complete and move it to a certain project folder, or create an email addressed to everyone participating in a focus group. There are 25 actions to select from.

#5 Outlook Calendar Group. I regularly schedule meetings with different project teams and tasks forces. By setting up a Calendar Group for each team, I’m able to view everyone’s calendars in unison with one click and quickly send the appointment.

#4 Word Navigation Pane. My favorite curriculum tool! I can copy, move and delete topics with minimal effort, creating custom guides rapidly.

#3 PowerPoint Sections. By designating sections in my presentation, I’m able to print, rearrange, delete, and quickly navigate to any section.

#2 Insert Screen Shot and Crop. Available in both Word and PowerPoint, I’m able to grab a quick screenshot then use the Crop feature to trim it. A useful tool when working on a machine that doesn’t have a screen capture application installed.

#1 Problem Steps Recorder (PSR). This little feature… while hard to find… records the steps performed while grabbing screenshots of each action. It even puts a green border around the object being selected to help focus the attention of the user. I can then email it to the user. It can be viewed as a series of still shots or as a slideshow. To locate this feature, type “PSR” in the Search field of the Start menu.

I probably won’t trade in my Team Edward shirt for Team 2010, but I’m certainly a fan! Hard to go back to 2007 when 2010 is around. (And I won’t have to break out my Team Edward shirt again until June 2011.)

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