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Finishing Well

June 23, 2010

A couple of months ago I saw the Black Eyed Peas in concert, and WOW do they give a great show!  From where we stood, which was about 5 feet away from the stage, we literally didn’t miss a beat of the concert.  In fact, the music was so loud and the bass so high, that my heart felt like it was going to pound right out of my chest! Every detail of the staging, costumes, lighting and sound was thoroughly and thoughtfully planned and executed. And, of course, the “Peas” themselves completely delivered on music and entertainment value.  We left the concert feeling like it was time and money well-spent…I would definitely see them again!

 The whole experience was summed up nicely by one of our clients at an Atlanta law firm who said to me over dinner a few days later….”What I like most about Fergie (specifically) is that she finishes well”.  He went on to explain that Fergie is a perfectionist at finishing what she starts, and finishing it with deliberate style and excellence. Every note she begins, she sings all the way through – without stopping short or cheating a breath. She nails it consistently every time.

 Finishing Well isn’t a new concept to my ears, as it’s a token mantra around the Traveling Coaches gang. Our CEO and Co-Founder, Gina Buser, is diligent about reminding all of us (and especially our Leadership Team) that if we’re not going to finish something well then it’s best not to begin it at all.  Finishing Well has become a question, if not a commitment, at each turn we make in our organization. Is this an imitative we can take on and Finish Well? Is this a product we can build and Finish Well? Is this a hire we can make and Finish Well? Is this an event we can put together and Finish Well? 

 We are an organization with a lot of big ideas and a huge vision.  And we know that to be successful as a business and to provide successful solutions to our clients, we absolutely must thoroughly and thoughtfully plan and execute every project with style and excellence…just as Fergie does. I love that our team members keep this mantra top of mind as we take on new initiatives…this is what keeps our clients coming back again.

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