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Change is all around us

June 3, 2010

Let’s chat about learning and technical support in the year 2010. I moved from the user side to the support side over twelve years ago.  The changes have been remarkable and awe inspiring.   If you’ve heard of Richard Susskind, he often speaks about technology as a disruptive force in our legal worlds, but tonight I realized that technology is changing everything around us.

This evening I sit down to spend time with my husband.  He’s watching television and being a guy’s guy, he’s watching a show about custom hot rod cars. The concept of this particular episode is to makeover a ‘64 Barracuda.  There is a debate in the shop about staying old school and restoring the car to its former glory, or giving the car a makeover with a lot of modern touches. The main character is an older car guy and he wants a traditional restoration. The other guys in the shop are a lot younger and like to add  modern bells and whistles to their hot rod renovations.

During the show, the debate turns to the use of an iPod-type remote control system and the use of blue tooth technology for the stereo system.  The entire show was the back and forth between traditional and modern. The car renovation was incredible and the owners were very pleased with the outcome. Unfortunately, during a commercial for a new episode the old school guy announced he was leaving the shop. He didn’t want to change.

It was one of those aha moments for me. Technology will continue to improve and evolve and change the way legal professionals work. We will be working in a profession that is based on precedent and tradition, and where the work product is delivered using constantly evolving methods. We will have multiple generations working side by side. The effectiveness depends on how we blend the tradition and innovation. There’s much for us to learn.

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